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Xin Rong Chua

Xin Rong Chua

Department Atmospheric and Oceanic Science
Faculty Adviser Yi Ming
Year of Study G3
Undergraduate Institution National University of Singapore
Undergraduate Major Applied Mathematics


Personal Bio I was born and raised in Singapore, and am enjoying my time here so far. I was interested in a rigorous way of understanding the world via mathematical modeling, so I chose to major in Applied Mathematics. Eventually, after an undergraduate research project working on satellite data, I decided that Atmospheric Science would combine my interest in the natural world, math, and socially relevant problems.
Fun Fact I play the carillon (aka the bells on top of the Graduate College).
Research Keywords atmospheric absorption, tropical dynamics, precipitation
Research Pitch Averaged over the globe, atmospheric heating and cooling should balance. Adding substances that absorb solar or terrestrial radiation, such as carbon dioxide or soot particles, should then reduce latent heating from condensation, and therefore rainfall. But how do emissions in one area affect remote regions? Does it matter if the emissions are near the surface, or high up in the atmosphere? Are extreme storms or hurricanes affected more or less strongly as compared to total rainfall?
Meet and Greet 10/12 Yes, I will attend.
Meet and Greet 10/13 Yes, I will attend.
Meet and Greet 10/17 Attendance TBA
Meal for Mentoring 11/14 No, I will not attend.
Meal for Mentoring 11/15 No, I will not attend.


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