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Summer Research Colloquium

The Summer Research Colloquium (SRC) is a weekly workshop series that runs concurrently to the ReMatch+, OURSIP, CBLI and STEM Fellows summer research programs. SRC hosts weekly workshops during the summer to (A) Introduce students to the basics of research design in an interdisciplinary setting; (B) Facilitate a discussion among students regarding best practices in advising and mentoring. In addition, SRC hosts a lunch faculty lecture series to expose students to Princeton faculty members and their research. 

In addition, the Summer Research Colloquium (SRC) extends beyond the classroom setting.  Weekly social events are offered to those participating in SRC to facilitate community among undergraduate- and graduate-student researchers during the summer months.

Finally, the Summer Research Colloquium (SRC) works closely with the Freshman Scholars Institute (FSI) to facilitate a workshop series for incoming first-year students on undergraduate research and advising at Princeton, the availability of resources, opportunities to publish, and working with faculty members.

The Summer Research Colloquium (SRC) culminates in a research conference, where SRC undergraduates present their summer research to participants in the Freshman Scholars Institute.

SRC Objectives

The Summer Research Colloquium provides undergraduates with introductory lessons in research-writing principles: reading scholarly texts, conducting original research, making an intervention, research design, crafting a scholarly argument, giving and getting feedback, workshopping and revising, and working with a research adviser.  By the end of the summer, undergraduates will revise their research proposals, present those proposals to a larger scholarly audience at a research conference, and lead a workshop for other undergraduates.  For graduate students, the SRC  introduces pedagogical approaches involved in advising undergraduate research and provides teaching experience in anticipation of the academic job market. 


  • SRC offers undergraduates instruction in substantive methodological approaches to research design and the research process.
  • SRC guides undergraduate students in reading scholarly texts, and in understanding the process of scholarship and the scholarly conversation.
  • SRC guides undergraduates in forming strong adviser-faculty relationships.
  • SRC offers graduate students guidance in approaching the teaching and advising of undergraduate independent work and research, including providing constructive feedback.
  • SRC offers graduate students support and advice in approaching advisee-adviser relationships, communicating with faculty, and professionalization.
  • SRC joins graduate students and undergraduates in an advising relationship, providing undergraduates with research feedback and guidance, and giving graduate students the opportunity to hone teaching and advising skills, and develop relationships with undergraduate mentees.
  • SRC provides social programming and a supportive community for graduate and undergraduate students living on campus through the summer.

The SRC is a collaborative initiative between the Office of Undergraduate Research, the Office of Programs for Access and Inclusion and the Office of the Dean of the Graduate School.

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