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Office of Undergraduate Research Student Initiated Internship Program (OURSIP)


Important Information Regarding Summer 2021:

OUR-sponsored research internships will be offered in summer 2021; those requiring domestic travel or on-campus occupancy may be subject to change due to current health and safety restrictions. Given the fluidity of the situation, we encourage you to consult with your research mentor early about possible in-person projects and to consider a Plan B, in the event research must take place remotely.  Please revisit this page for program updates as we continue to monitor events related to the Coronavirus outbreak.

    Program description 

    OURSIP provides a limited number of grants to Princeton first-year and sophomore students (and occasionally juniors with projects that are not related to their senior thesis research) who have independently created or secured an unpaid faculty-mentored research internship over the summer. Grants are awarded on a competitive basis to support research experiences that complement the student’s academic interest. OURSIP participants receive an award intended to offset the cost of room and board as well as miscellaneous expense. Proposed internships must be full-time (not less than 35 hours per week) and for a minimum of eight (8) contiguous weeks to be considered for funding.

    While priority is given to on-campus projects, a limited number of off-campus (domestic only) projects will also be considered.

    In 2021, the on-campus program is tentatively scheduled to run for eight weeks, from June 7 - July 30, 2021. Participants are expected to be on-campus Monday - Friday, through the end of the program and attend the Summer Research Colloquium (SRC) weekly workshops. SRC workshops focus on best practices in mentorship, communicating research (e.g., writing a research report, presenting research to a general audience), and contributing to a diverse research community. In addition, SRC hosts lunch faculty lectures to expose students to Princeton faculty members, their research, individual paths through academia and experiences with mentorship.

    Important OURSIP dates 

    • Application opens in GPS: Wednesday, Jan 6, 2021
    • Priority application deadline: Monday, Mar 1, 2021, 11:55 pm EST
    • Final application deadline: Monday, April 5, 2021, 11:55 pm EST
    • Faculty / research adviser commitment form deadline: Priority application deadline (or no later than final application deadline - see above)
    • Decision period: Mar 5 - end of Apr, 2021
    • On campus summer program: Jun 7 – Jul 30, 2021 (tentative)
    • Research summary statement and program survey deadline: Jul 30, 2021
    • Participation in program outreach panel: Fall 2021

    Eligibility and application process

    All currently enrolled Princeton first-year students, sophomores and juniors are eligible to apply. Students must maintain active enrollment at Princeton from the time of their application through the conclusion of the program, which is the following fall. For summer of 2021 only, Princeton undergraduates who are on leave in the spring and will be reinstated for fall 2021 are eligible to apply. Please note that priority will be given to currently enrolled students. Juniors who are seeking funding support for their senior thesis research over the summer are not eligible for OURSIP grants; rising seniors should apply through the senior thesis funding activity type in SAFE instead.

    The priority application deadline is Monday, Mar 1, 2021, 11:55 pm EST. Applications received after the priority deadline will be reviewed on a rolling basis until the final application deadline (Monday, April 5, 2021, 11:55 pm EST) or until available funds are depleted (whichever occurs earlier). Only one OURSIP application per student will be considered per year.

    The program application consists of two parts (incomplete applications will not be considered):

    Part 1: OURSIP funding application in GPS includes a program questionnaire, itemized budget (see notes below), UNOFFICIAL Princeton transcript (obtained via TigerHub), and resume or CV.

    Part 2: Academic Recommendation /Faculty or Research Adviser Commitment Form: Applicants should identify their intended research adviser and provide their contact information in both the Academic Recommendation section as well as in the OURSIP Application form in GPS; a request will be sent to your research adviser automatically. We encourage you to alert (and remind, if needed) your adviser that they will receive this request via email and that they must complete the form for your application to be deemed complete and eligible for review. 

    OURSIP budget preparation

      For on-campus OURSIP applicants: You do not need to include a food and lodging request in your application budget as selected applicants are provided on-campus housing and receive a standard stipend intended to cover meals and help offset miscellaneous expenses. However, you may request up to $500 to cover research-related expenses (see below for details).

      For off-campus OURSIP applicants: Please take care to develop a thorough, accurate, and reasonable budget and justify your estimated costs in your project statement. Consult the list of allowable expenses below when building your budget. Costs are expected to be moderate; you are responsible for researching competitive pricing in order to maintain reasonable costs.

      • Travel to research internship host (unless the site is within 25 miles of your home town): Concur travel request approval is required no later than one week prior to travel.
      • Weekly living expenses: food (meal budget is limited to $25 per day), accommodation and local transportation (expected to be through public transport unless safety is a concern).
      • Up to $500 to cover research-related expenses

      Allowable research-related expenses

      • Small equipment and parts
      • Consumable supplies
      • Software specific to your research project not available through your department
      • Payments to Human Subjects (note: departmental and IRB approval required)
      • Copying costs
      • Books (covered only when not available through University library)
      • Database access costs
      • Off-campus laboratory data acquisition

      Selection process and award

      OURSIP applications will be carefully evaluated based on the merit and feasibility of the proposed research project, relevance to the student’s academic course of study, and strength of the faculty adviser letter of commitment.

      Any internship award you receive from the Office of Undergraduate Research will be considered taxable income (under the IRS non-qualified fellowship and scholarship ruling). If you are an international student, please note that you will have federal taxes automatically withheld from your stipend check. You will be issued a Form 1042-S reporting this income and tax in mid-March next year to determine if a refund will be processed by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). However, Princeton University is unable to guarantee that a full or partial refund will be granted by the IRS. More detailed information can be found on the Finance and Treasury (link is external) website or you may reach out to the NON-RESIDENT TAX office at (link sends e-mail).

      Post-OURSIP activities

      • Complete an intern profile form for the Summer Research Colloquium archive.
      • Serve as an OURSIP ambassador by undertaking publicity and outreach efforts in the fall following the summer program.
      • We ask that you also acknowledge the Office of Undergraduate Research support in any report, publication, or testimonial provided to any University department/program or outside entity that makes reference to this summer research internship project.

      Program contact

      Undergraduate applicants and faculty advisers with questions should send an email to:



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