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ReMatch Graduate Mentors 2016-2017


Mentor Department  
Megan Gilbert East Asian Studies Megan Gilbert
Annemarie Iker Art History and Archeology Annemarie Iker
Alyssa Maldonado-Estrada Religion Alyssa Maldonado-Estrada
Joseph Moore Philosophy Joseph Moore
Peng Peng Art and Archaeology Peng Peng
Macs Smith French and Italian Mac Smith
Cameron VanSant English  
Christopher Larcombe Comparative Literature Christopher Larcombe
Jagat Sohail Anthropology Jagat Sohail


Social Sciences


Natural Sciences

Mentor Department  
Tejal Bhamre Physics / Program in Applied and Computational Mathematics Tejal Bhamre
Jeremy Borjon Psychology and Neuroscience Jeremy Borjon
Laura Bustamante Neuroscience Laura Bustamante
Charlotte Chang Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Charlotte Chang
Olivia Chu Quantitative and Computational Biology Olivia Chu
Matthew de Courcy-Ireland Mathematics Matthew de Courcy-Ireland
Tyler Coverdale Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Tyler Coverdale
Weston Fleming Neuroscience Weston Fleming
Anat Fuchs Quantitative and Computational Biology Anat Fuchs
Etienne Gallant Chemistry Etienne Gallant
Ariel Gewirtz Quantitative and Computational Biology Ariel Gewirtz
Bernat Guillén Pegueroles Physics / Program in Applied and Computational Mathematics Bernat Guillén Pegueroles
Diksha Gupta Neuroscience Diksha Gupta
Christina Kreisch Astrophysics Christina Kreisch
James Martin Molecular Biology James Martin
Eric Naslund Mathematics Eric Naslund
Lucas Nguyen Chemistry Lucas Nguyen
Abigail Novick Psychology and Neuroscience Abigail Novick
Yaritza Perez Psychology Yaritza Perez
Tracy Reuter Psychology and Neuroscience Tracy Reuter
Xin Rong Chua Atmospheric and Oceanic Science Xin Rong Chua
Amanda Savagian Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Amanda Savagian
Jessie Schwab Psychology Jessie Schwab

Syafiq Johar

Mathematics Johar Syafiq
Madalina Vlasceanu Psychology Madalina Vlasceanu rematch photo
Felicia Zhang Psychology Felicia Zhang


Engineering and Applied Science

Mentor Department  
Jonathan Balkind Computer Science Jonathan Balkind
Sara Chuang Chemical and Biological Engineering Sara Chuang
Rafael Mendes de Oliveira Computer Science Rafael Mendes de Oliveira
Isabel Morris Civil and Environmental Engineering Isabel Morris
Rebecca Napolitano Civil and Environmental Engineering Rebecca Napolitano
Christopher Phenicie Electrical Engineering Christopher Phenicie
Allison Simi Chemical and Biological Engineering Allison Simi
Marcela Melara Computer Science Marcela Melara

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