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Mentor FAQs

If I participate in events during the academic year, do I have to take part in the summer program?

  • You can be involved in as many or as few ReMatch events as suits you. If you find a student that you match well with, you can then apply together for the summer program.

When/How long is the summer program?

  • The program runs for nine weeks, from early June to the first week of August.

Should I already have a project in mind?

  • We encourage you to work with your mentee to find a project that is interesting and rewarding for both of you. While you might already have a project in mind, you should also try to be flexible to the interests of your mentee.

What if a student is interested in my department but not my area of research?

  • We suggest that you get in touch with other graduate students or postdoctoral researchers in your department to see if they might be interested in working with the undergraduate student in question.

What kind of activities might I do with potential undergraduate mentees in Dec and Jan?

  • You may wish to give the students a tour of your lab or workspace, provide a shadowing opportunity while you work, introduce them to other students you work with, or simply meet them for a chat over coffee.

My mentee is interested in doing volunteer research with me this spring. Is this possible as part of ReMatch?

  • As a ReMatch mentor, you should feel free to provide informal mentorship to mentees through small group meet ups, discussions on readings, or other such activities throughout the academic year. Per university policy, undergrads are not allowed to do ‘volunteer’ research at Princeton. Official research assistantships or other research relationships are not possible unless they are paid positions or are part of independent work projects. While ReMatch does not provide funding for research assistantships during the academic year, you may be able to secure funding for your mentee through your home department or faculty PI. If your mentee has been awarded federal work-study funds, you may encourage them to look into using these funds for an undergraduate research assistantship with you and your faculty PI by contacting the Office of Financial Aid.

My mentee is looking for help choosing classes to prepare them for research but I don’t know about Princeton’s curriculum. How can I help them?

  • This is a great topic to discuss with your faculty adviser and others in your department who may have more experience with the curriculum.

I won’t be at Princeton this summer. What other research opportunities are available in future for me to work with my mentee?

  • Princeton undergraduates are required to undertake significant independent work their junior and senior year, usually in the form of a junior paper(s) and/or senior thesis. These are great opportunities to work with your mentee if they have shown an interest in your area of research.

How should I answer questions about the ReMatch program itself?

  • Feel free to point students with questions about the program to ReMatch representatives if you’re at one of our hosted events. Otherwise, have them shoot an email to If you have questions of your own, contact us the same way.

How do I register with the program?

What happens if more than one student is interested in working with me for the summer?

  • The program is designed for one-to-one mentorship pairings. If there is another graduate student or postdoctoral researcher who might want to mentor them, they could apply to the summer program together. Otherwise you can talk with us and your adviser about other opportunities for funded summer research.

If I don’t find a mentee that I would like to work with, what are the next steps?

  • You can continue providing mentorship to the students you have met in different ways, rather than taking part in the summer program. There may also be students who are still looking for mentors that we can put you in touch with.

Over the course of the year, if I find that I can’t meet the time commitment, what’s best to do?

  • ReMatch should always work according to your availability. We would like to keep our undergraduate mentees informed, so if you feel like ReMatch has become too much of a commitment, send us an email at to let us know.

Do I need approval from my adviser to take part in the summer program?

  • All graduate students taking part in the summer program should be post-generals and have written approval from their adviser. Postdoctoral researchers participating in ReMatch+ must have written approval from their faculty PI.

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