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Peng Peng


Department Art and Archaeology
Faculty Adviser Robert Bagley
Year of Study G6
Undergraduate Institution Beijing University
Undergraduate Major Archaeology


Personal Bio I came to Princeton from Peking University, where I earned a B.A. (2008) and an M.A. (2011), with extensive experience in archaeology and art history. I have participated in the excavations at the Marsal site (Lorraine, France) and spent nearly half a year working at the Bronze Age salt-producing site at Shuangwangcheng (Shandong Province), China. I also took part in the Chengdu Plain Archaeological Survey Project organized by Harvard University, Washington University in St. Louis, and Peking University
Fun Fact I have given presentations and published articles on a variety of topics, including Chinese bronzes, salt archaeology, the origins of agriculture, archaeological methodology, and Chinese local beliefs. I am also interested in ancient civilizations besides China, including ancient Egypt, Mesopotamia, and Mesoamerica
Research Keywords Chinese Art History, Chinese Archaeology, Comparative Study of Ancient Civilizations
Research Pitch Throughout history, artists have always had to make artistic decisions based on the concerns of medium. Yet design, when created in one medium, might also be applied to another, showing the flexibility of material requirements. My current academic interest lies in the study of Chinese ancient bronzes, especially the interplay of design, medium and technology.
Meet and Greet 10/12 Yes, I will attend.
Meet and Greet 10/13 Yes, I will attend.
Meet and Greet 10/17
Meal for Mentoring 11/14 No, I will not attend.
Meal for Mentoring 11/15 Yes, I will attend.


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