Zhou Plays with Expectations Through Fashion

Written by
The Office of Communications
April 29, 2019


Who are you? Where are you from?

Clothing can create a first impression that starts to answer these questions. For her senior thesis toward a certificate in visual arts, Jessica Zhou designed and produced a fashion show that puts a witty twist on those questions as they relate to her many identities — as a woman, as a Texan, as Chinese American, as a busy Princeton student.

“The focus of Jessica’s thesis is how we, and she in particular, change and adapt to cultural codes. … She has examined that through how we as a culture do that through our clothing, through fashion, through our dress. She’s a psychology major. That is intrinsically woven into her work,” said Jeff Whetstone, professor of visual arts in the Lewis Center for the Arts and Zhou’s adviser.

Click here to read more and take a look at her show.