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Transformations: Students Find Creativity at Intersection of Art and Engineering

July 22nd, 2016
A new class created by the Council on Science and Technology at Princeton — "Transformations in Engineering and the Arts" — explores creative processes that are common to art and engineering. Students, including sophomore Jonathan Zong (above), demonstrated their final projects this spring during an open house at a new teaching space created for the course. Zong shows Michael Littman, a professor of mechanical and aerospace engineering, a robot he created to interpret and translate the movements of a dancer


Inspired by the desire to help broaden boundaries for vision-impaired people, three Princeton University students created an armband device that allows a wearer without the ability to see to interpret color. 

The project emerged from a new class offered for the first time this spring, "Transformations in Engineering and the Arts," and lived up to the name of the course. In addition to transforming the sensation of color from a visual to a tactile experience, the students transformed an idea born on a whiteboard into a product interweaving engineering concepts and artistic practices.

"Having a forum where our imagination is the limit has been an incredible experience," said Nora Bradley, a sophomore majoring in mechanical and aerospace engineering who worked with senior music major Noah Fishman and sophomore Sunny He of electrical engineering.

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