Seasoned entrepreneur inspires student founders

Written by
Beth Jarvie
June 15, 2021

Our 2021 eLab Summer Accelerator Program kicked off with a three-day entrepreneurial boot camp.  Seven hand-picked teams of graduate and undergraduate students received customized critical analysis and foundational skill-building lessons from serial entrepreneur and dedicated educator Ed Zschau '61.

A grandfather to hundreds of Princeton student and alum founded startup companies, Zschau's insights and advice are a valuable commodity to the cohort of fledgling founders as they begin their ten-week journey to launching their companies.

In their first session, Zschau explained the importance of building the right team, "I would absolutely invest in a B or C idea delivered by an A team, but I would never invest in a B or C team even if they had an A idea."

This year's cohort of teams are as follows:

  • Adventurelist – A community and marketplace for guided adventure sports.
  • Brick Bank – A Lego set rental service.
  • Healthy Helper – Software to efficiently compare nutrition labels on grocery products.
  • Kotami – Fashion-forward, ethically produced clothes at an accessible price point.
  • Office Party – Event production group focused on unique, sustainable deployments.
  • RoundTable - Social cryptocurrency platform focusing on decentralized autonomous organization (DOA) creation.
  • YetoBread – Creating affordable Keto-friendly bakery products.

Stay tuned throughout the summer and watch as these young entrepreneurs build their business models and launch their startups. Join us at the end of the program at our annual Demo Day on August 11, and see where they all land.