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Specialized research publications authored by Princeton students, faculty, and other members of the community span a broad range of topics.

American Foreign Policy Magazine cover pageAmerican Foreign Policy Magazine
American Foreign Policy Magazine is a student-written, student-run publication based at Princeton University.  It was founded in the wake of September 11th to provide Princeton students with a forum to discuss the difficult problems and choices facing the United States in the world.  The magazine is sponsored by the Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs, the Princeton Institute for International and Regional Studies, the Liechtenstein Institute on Self-Determination, and the James Madison Program in American Ideals and Institutions. 


Discovery cover pageDiscovery: Research at Princeton

Discovery is the Office of the Dean for Resarch annual report which contains research findings, feature articles, books and awards from Princeton University researchers.



kunstkammerKunstkammer: Princeton University Undergraduate Journal of Art.

Kunstkammer is meant to to provide a platform for thought provoking original content created and reviewed by undergraduate students with a focus on art history, art criticism, and art making.



Innovation cover pageInnovation: Princeton Journal of Science and Technology
Innovation magazine is a student-run magazine dedicated to providing cutting-edge science news to the Princeton community.




PEI Currents cover pagePEI Currents

PEI Currents is the Princeton Environmental Institute's newsletter which report on recent developments in environmental research and teaching at Princeton including updates from  PEI research centers and news about the many pursuits and accomplishments of our PEI associated faculty, students, and alumni.



Princeton Journal of Bioethics logoPrinceton Journal of Bioethics (1997 - 2016)

Established in 1997, the Princeton Journal of Bioethics is the oldest undergraduate journal of bioethics in the world. The primary goal of the Journal is to provide undergraduates an arena for the discussion of current issues in bioethics including genetic engineering, reproductive rights, stem cell research, and euthanasia. The Journal serves as a resource for students and professors of bioethics, as well as a representation of undergraduate work in bioethics. Working with a Technical Review Board of leaders in education, medicine, science, and ethics, the Journal strives to provide material of the highest quality. The Journal's readership extends throughout the globe, and it is distributed at national bioethics conferences and associated committees.


Princeton Journal of East Asian Studies logoPrinceton Journal of East Asian Studies

The Princeton Journal of East Asian Studies is an official student academic journal supported by the East Asian Studies Program at Princeton University. It aims to foster intellectually rigorous student discourse on East Asian political, economic, social and cultural affairs. PJEAS is committed to both academic excellence and integrity, and strives for an atmosphere of mutual enhancement of knowledge and development of leadership in these fields.


Photo tagged from Princeton Journal Watch postPrinceton Journal Watch

Princeton Journal Watch is a blog reporting on new research findings from Princeton University.



Principia logoPrincipia: The Princeton Undergraduate Mathematics Journal
Principia is a new math research journal for undergraduates offered by the Princeton University Mathematics Club to encourage students to learn about new mathematical research. Principia aims to provide young mathematicians and all those interested with a resource to exchange mathematical knowledge and ideas.


PURJ logoPURJ: Princeton Undergraduate Research Journal

PURJ seeks to highlight high-quality, peer-reviewed research conducted in all academic areas by undergraduate students of Princeton University. In the attempt to foster a more inclusive and integrated research-oriented campus, PURJ provides a channel by which Princeton students can disseminate their scholarly findings to the research community at large. As a biannual publication and student-administered organization, PURJ also seeks to acquaint students with the submission and peer-review journalistic process, which is an integral part of modern scholarly thought. PURJ’s student team is excited to present undergraduate research endeavors in a tangible manner to the entire Princeton community.


Science Action logoScience Action: Putting Science and Learning into Action
Science Action is an informal learning project that encourages students to create original online short science videos, addressing themes of science and engineering of great relevance for the 21st century.


Tortoise: A Journal of Writing Pedagogy

Tortoise is a semiannual publication edited and published by Princeton Writing Center Fellows. It showcases both undergraduate and graduate student writing from across all disciplines of study. Tortoise advocates for reflective writing habits by accompanying student-author excerpts with editorial commentaries that together articulate the process by which the writing was created, as well as germane writing and pedagogical strategies. Contact for more information.


Unfound: The Princeton Journal of Asian American Studies

Created in the spring of 2014 by members of Princeton’s Asian American Students Association (AASA), Unfound publishes one volume each fall. The association’s Asian American Studies Committee has been working to develop an Asian American Studies program at Princeton and, in the process of doing so, saw the need to create a wider space for undergraduates in the US and abroad to contribute to the burgeoning field of Asian American and Asian Diaspora Studies

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