A new quantum spin liquid candidate for storage applications

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Princeton Research Virtual Days
May 26, 2020

Watch the video that Loi T. Nguyen, a graduate student studying Chemistry, presented on a new quantum spin liquid candidate for storage applications.


At very low temperatures near absolute zero electrons become highly ordered. A quantum spin liquid is a novel phenomenon in which the electrons are entangled, but they remain fluctuating down to 0 degrees Kelvin.

A few quantum spin liquid materials have been reported and they have potential applications in data storage and memory. In this talk, I will present a new material, barium niobium iridium oxide, or Ba4NbIr3O12, which can host a quantum spin liquid state, probed by magnetic susceptibility and heat capacity measurements. A comparison will be made to other related materials in the family.

Loi T. Nguyen is advised by Robert Cava, Russell Wellman Moore Professor of Chemistry.