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Gene Li ’19 Wins Poster Session Competition

August 21st, 2019

When you click on any YouTube video or buy a book on Amazon, machine learning algorithms behind the scene takes the information generated from your online activity and predicts what video or book you may be susceptible to viewing or buying the next time you log on the website.

Broadly speaking, this machine learning technology is called reinforcement learning, a type of machine learning system that is taking inputs from the environment, learning from those inputs and making decisions at the same time, according to Gene X. Li, a graduate of Princeton University’s class of 2019 and electrical engineering major. Basically, these algorithms iteratively use prior knowledge to make decisions, forming feedback loops.  They then decide what is the best course of action given a specific situation.

“Self driving cars are one example of reinforcement learning,” said Li, 21 years old. “For example, cameras observe the road, and they must interpret whether the objects are obstacles that they should stop for, or decide when to turn to a different lane. All of this is happening in real time, so reinforcement learning algorithms must be able to process information about their surroundings and compute new decisions efficiently.”

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