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Dale Winner Gong to Serve Homeless and Tell their Stories

April 20th, 2016
  Photo of Lisa Gong by Noel Valero

As Princeton University senior Lisa Gong completed her internship at the Boston Health Care for the Homeless Program in the summer of 2015, she said goodbye to a patient she had come to know named Betsy.

Betsy asked if she would see Gong again. Hopefully, Gong replied.

Thanks to the Martin Dale Fellowship, Gong may have the opportunity to reconnect with Betsy as the ecology and evolutionary biology major travels the country for a year working in programs that provide health care to the homeless and capturing the lives of patients through documentary photography and video.

"The main goal of my project is to dispel unfair judgments against those experiencing homelessness and to elevate an awareness of the common ground we all share as humans existing together," Gong said. "I think everybody deserves the opportunity to be understood on his or her own terms. It's an overly idealistic sentiment, sure, but I hope that this project can at least somewhat help to project the voice of a population that typically goes unheard."

The fellowship, created by 1953 Princeton alumnus Martin Dale, provides a $33,000 grant for a senior to spend the year after graduation on "an independent project of extraordinary merit that will widen the recipient's experience of the world and significantly enhance the recipient's growth and intellectual development."

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