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Jagat Sohail

Jagat Sohail

Department Anthropology
Faculty Adviser John Borneman
Year of Study G1
Undergraduate Institution St. Stephen's, Delhi, India
Undergraduate Major Chemistry


Personal Bio I'm a graduate student in Anthropology from Delhi. I did my master's in Sociology (also in Delhi) before coming to Princeton.
Fun Fact I play a bunch of instruments, and I used to be really into magic.
Research Keywords Refugees Germany Syria
Research Pitch I'm looking at how political categories like Nationality, race, ethnicity, religion and class mesh to and are used to "manage" the everyday lives of Syrian Refugees in Germany. My research aims to study the relationship between the individual and the nation state and how the figure of the refugee allows us to understand this dynamic in new ways.
Meet and Greet 10/13  
Meet and Greet 10/17  
Meal for Mentoring 11/14 No, I will not attend.
Meal for Mentoring 11/15 I will attend.


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