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Isabel Morris

Isabel Morris

Department Civil and Environmental Engineering
Faculty Adviser Branko Glisic
Year of Study G2
Undergraduate Institution Hope College
Undergraduate Major Civil Engineering, Classical Studies (Greek and Latin)


Personal Bio I am a 2nd year PhD student from Albuquerque, NM. I came to research the engineering and the science behind old and ancient buildings after realizing there was no reason to choose between my interest in history and ancient languages and the basic principles dictating why and how buildings stand up. I love doing things outside (digging holes, playing volleyball, weeding, building things) and building relationships and happiness through food. I also love the Olympics: get pumped for PyeongChang 2018!!
Fun Fact I can lick my elbow!
Research Keywords ground penetrating radar; material properties; archaeology
Research Pitch Waves behave in predictable ways according to their type (sound, physical, radio, etc.) and the material they travel through. Mathematical models of how these waves travel can produce data sets that we can compare to field surveys. If you compare the field data to the modeled data and adjust the model until the two data sets agree, we can arrive upon a model of what lies underground! I use field data from ground penetrating radar (which uses Electro-Magnetic waves) to do this in the context of an archaeological site in a few different software packages. This allows us to not only map buried sites, but also determine what their physical properties are. The application of this lie wherever you’d want to look underground without physically digging things up: from archaeology to urban planning to building foundations.
Meet and Greet 10/12  
Meet and Greet 10/17 No, I will not attend
Meal for Mentoring 11/14 Yes, I will attend.
Meal for Mentoring 11/15 No, I will not attend.


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