Individual and Small Group Advising

With all the research possibilities available to you, it can be a great help to talk through your goals, interests, and questions with OUR staff. Your academic adviser, graduate student or postdoc mentor, and peer mentors all provide important guidance to support your academic work. OUR offers advising specific to undergraduate research and are experts in connecting students to supportive programming. 

A browse through the OUR website will reveal the many resources available to support your research at Princeton and beyond. An advising appointment can help you make sense of all this information and potential. Advising appointments are tailored to your individual questions and goals, and are a great way to build your knowledge of research opportunities. 

Potential Advising Topics:

  • Applying to OUR’s research programs (ReMatch and OURSIP) for first- and second-year students
  • Comparing various research opportunities at Princeton and beyond
  • Locating conferences, drafting an abstract, and applying for conference funding
  • Reaching out to potential faculty mentors
  • Creating a strategic plan to balance your research, coursework, and personal responsibilities
  • Communicating with mentors around questions or worries you may have
  • Reflecting on and processing research setbacks
  • Crafting a research presentation designed for a broad public audience for Princeton Research Day
  • Developing a senior thesis funding proposal
  • Crafting narratives about your research in resumes/CVs or letters for program applications, graduate or professional school, internships, fellowships and awards, and/or careers
  • Connecting with other offices specializing in research integrity, fellowships, career development, and more

Small Group Advising

Student groups might also consider connecting with OUR for a tailored small group advising session that addresses your group’s academic, research, and professional interests. A group representative can connect with OUR staff to describe your group’s needs and we can offer you a focused advising session relevant to the group as a whole.

Book Your Advising Session

You can schedule advising appointments during the academic year through Bookings. 

Click here to book with Director Pascale Poussart, Ph.D.

Click here to book with Assistant Director Caitlin Larracey, Ph.D.