Unmanned Aircraft Systems Research

A graduate student tests flight controls of a Parrot quadcopter on Pardee Field.

Small unmanned aircraft systems (sUAS), also referred to as drones, model airplanes or remote control aircraft, are controlled aircraft without an onboard pilot. In higher education, the uses for sUAS are growing rapidly as technology advances and changes in federal regulations make possible a wide array of applications in research, education, and operations.
Princeton University has instituted procedures and policies for the use of sUAS. Policies are designed to ensure that use of sUAS by students and researchers on campus is conducted in a safe, responsible manner that respects the privacy and security of all members of our community.
If your research involves flying an unmanned aircraft (drone, quadcopter, model airplane) on campus, you will be required to obtain University approval for such activities; other authorizations may be necessary off campus (domestic or international).  Learn more about what is required and contact [email protected] with any questions.  
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