Internship Policy

Policy on Undergraduate Internships and Employment

Many undergraduate students desire to augment their classroom learning experience by working or interning at Princeton. The Policy on Undergraduate Internships and Employment establishes the criteria and requirements for offering training or research opportunities to both Princeton and visiting undergraduates.

University-recommended internship stipend

In most cases, departments appointing internships must provide stipends. The purpose of the stipend is for interns to offset expenses incurred during the internship, not to serve as wages. While stipends may vary between programs based on specific needs, the University sets a recommended weekly stipend amount in early fall of each year that is generally considered appropriate to cover food, housing, and out-of-pocket expenses.

The recommended weekly stipend for summer 2024 is $700. 

Process for new internship programs 

Departments who wish to establish a new internship program must submit an Undergraduate Internship Planning Sheet for review. Approval is contingent upon the sponsoring department meeting the criteria and requirements set forth in the Policy on Undergraduate Internships and Employment. The Office of Undergraduate Research manages the review and approval process for Princeton administered internship programs.