Application process

Your application must be made through SAFE. You should have one active application per project; you may apply for funding from multiple funders via the same single application. Submitting multiple applications for the same project can jeopardize your funding for all of your applications. 

Students applying to OUR are also required to apply for all departmental and programmatic funds for which they are eligible. Dean of the College funds will not be assigned until all other awards have been made. The application will ask for a full account of your research proposal, a detailed budget and itinerary. You will also be asked to provide the name of your thesis adviser. If your senior thesis adviser has not yet been assigned, you may ask the faculty member who you hope to advise your thesis to evaluate your project; if in doubt please consult with your departmental representative.

Once the deadline of your earliest funding opportunity has passed, the faculty member you have listed as your adviser will be automatically notified and directed to log in to answer a series of evaluative questions about your proposal. If you are planning to apply for funds, speak with your adviser as soon as possible about your application — the notification of your application should not be the first indication of their involvement with your intended research.

Your application and your adviser’s evaluation will be reviewed by your departmental representative, who will answer a short series of evaluative questions. 

Applications without both an adviser and a departmental representative evaluation will not be considered, nor will late submissions.