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Alyssa Maldonado-Estrada

Alyssa Maldonado-Estrada

Department Religion
Faculty Adviser Judith Weisenfeld
Year of Study G4
Undergraduate Institution Vassar College
Undergraduate Major Sociology/Religion


Personal Bio I’m from New York City and I’m a third generation Nuyorican (Puerto Rican/New Yorker). As an undergrad I went to Vassar College in New York’s Hudson Valley. I studied religion and sociology but like a true liberal arts student I dabbled in medieval architectural history. I'm a vegetarian and a huge foodie.
Fun Fact I recently went snorkeling for the first time in Costa Rica and I also love zip-lining.
Research Keywords Gender, Ethnography, Catholics
Research Pitch I am an ethnographer studying an Italian-American Catholic community in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. As an ethnographer, I study a living community by observing and participating in their public rituals, feasts and processions, taking field notes, doing interviews and building relationships to tell a story about religion as it is lived and practiced. I am interested in Catholic masculinity, specifically how contemporary Catholic men express devotion to the saints and allegiance to their neighborhood parish in unexpected gendered and embodied ways, through things like tattoos and fundraising.
Meet and Greet 10/12  
Meet and Greet 10/13 Yes, I will attend.
Meet and Greet 10/17
Meal for Mentoring 11/14 Yes, I will attend.
Meal for Mentoring 11/15 No, I will not attend.


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