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Abigail Novick

Abigail Novick

Department Psychology and Neuroscience
Faculty Adviser Jon Cohen and Ken Norman
Year of Study G2
Undergraduate Institution Haverford College and Oxford University
Undergraduate Major Psychology


Personal Bio
I grew up in New York, went to college outside Philadelphia, did my study abroad in England, came back to Philadelphia to do my thesis, went back to England to do my Masters, and then decided I was so good at packing, I might as well move back to the US to do my PhD. I am fascinated by how the brain represents and manipulates information. How to we represent concepts? Does the way we represent information limit what kinds of processing our brains can do?
Fun Fact I went to circus camp as a child and am now very, very good at hula hooping.
Research Keywords Psychology, Neuroscience, fMRI
Research Pitch Why are humans so bad at multitasking?  My lab has a model of how humans represent information and how these representations limit our ability to process certain kinds of information at the same time.

We are training people to be better at multitasking, and seeing how these behavioral improvements correlate with changes in brain patterns (using fMRI).
Meet and Greet 10/12  
Meet and Greet 10/13 Yes, I will attend
Meet and Greet 10/17 Attendance TBA
Meal for Mentoring 11/14 Yes, I will attend
Meal for Mentoring 11/15 Yes, I will attend


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